Real Estate & Hospitality

Consumer Goods, Retail & Hospitality


PFA has provided financial analysis over the range of projects in the consumer goods, retail and hospitality sectors.

Case Studies

PFA undertook a credit diligence and market assessment on behalf of Populi, the only branded multi-format integrated grocer chain in the Republic of Georgia with over forty one stores of varying size formats. Financial diligence in support of a $21 million loan was provided and OPIC committed the loan in September 2011 to generally support Populi's expansion of stores throughout Georgia.

PFA conducted financial advisory and placement services for a loan to Betsy's Hotel in the Republic of Georgia for $3.75 million. Betsy's hotel offers amenities equal to four or five star rated hotel and caters to a brand loyal segment of the market. The loan was subsequently disbursed in August 2010 and its proceeds were used to finance Betsy's expansion to a 57 room hotel and to provide property improvements. Additional financing of $834,000 for the hotel resulted in significant upgrades to the property and construction of conference facilities that greatly enhance and secured Betsy's niche among small boutique hotels.