Energy Transmission & Efficiency

Energy Transmission & Efficiency


PFA has worked extensively with power transmission companies to analyze, raise capital and provide transactional support for commercialization of their Rights of Way and increased costs savings and power reliability from power pools and exchange. PFA has worked with all three power and transmission companies in the Magreb region.

Case Study

Project Finance Advisors, LLC in partnership with Electrotek Concepts Inc. (Electrotek), of Arlington, VA, prepared a multi-disciplinary study for the Comité Maghrébin de l’Electricité (COMELEC) for a Feasibility Study concerning the reinforcement of the interconnection of the national electric grids of Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia.  The Feasibility Study was financed by a grant from the United States Trade and Development Agency.


The objective of the Feasibility Study was to assist COMELEC with the development of a management and investment plan for the expansion of the interconnected power transmission networks of Algeria, Morocco and Tunisia, in order to support increased and more reliable power exchange among these networks. 


The Study included a comprehensive financial, legal and regulatory review of the electricity sector in each country in order to generate a Management and Investment Plan that COMELEC will use in dealing with lending institutions, sovereign entities and sources of private equity.